Making him beautiful

Making him beautiful

Whether you are showing or not, if you are like me, you always like to have your horse turned out beautifully. Now, sometimes I find this difficult because rushing up from the barn after school leaves me only a few minutes to get my horse ready for my lesson, and often my tack is a little dusty or there is a grass stain on his body. But this summer, that is all about to change. School is out and I have made a commitment to keep Iliado looking impeccable, shiny and squeaky clean all the time.

As the owner of a gray horse (who, by the way, thoroughly enjoys rolling in the mud in front of my eyes – no joke), I have learned some pretty cool things about horse cleaning and turnout and there are some awesome products out there that can help make your horse look the best that he can! Below, I’ve mentioned 5 of the best products and some tips to help your equine friends be stunning all the time <3

Blinded By the White – Ecolicious Equestrian 

Ecolicious Equestrian is an amazing brand that makes only 100% natural horse care and horse beauty products. They are very committed to making sure that their items are completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. My horse has quite sensitive skin and has many allergies, so Ecolicious has a wide variety of products that fit him perfectly. However, their one product, “Blinded by the White” is really my favourite. It is a completely safe and natural whitener that quickly and effectively removes any horrible manure and grass stains. I have found that it works best after shampooing the mane, tail or body. Put a little bit on your hands and apply to the dirty parts of the horse, then rub it in really gently. You have to leave it for a bit then rinse it out. Its really a miracle-worker and will save you if you discover that you missed a stain on your horse right before heading into the show ring.

Hoof Therapy Restorative and Protective Serum – Ecolicious Equestrian 

This is another Ecolicious Product. Its basically like Hooflex but a lot better I think. It is really excellent at CDI competitions especially because it is clear and doesn’t give your horse’s hooves a funny colour or anything. At CDIs, you are not allowed to change the colour of the feet by adding a coloured polish, and I have found it difficult in the past to find a product that is effective but clear. This fab item is the solution!

Leather Cleaner Wipes – Roots 

So I know that you are supposed to use a legit saddle soap and conditioner for your tack, and yes, usually I do use Leather Therapy Wash and some of the Lederbalsam conditioner. But honestly, sometimes before getting on the horse at a show or at home I find that my reins have a little dirt on them or there is some dust left under the skirt of the saddle. And I really, really hate when that happens. It irritates me through my whole ride. So the Roots Leather Cleaner Wipes are excellent for this kind of problem. One wipe can clean the entire saddle or bridle and it looks as good as new.

Kiwi Express Shoe Shine Sponge – Kiwi Shoe Shine 

Kiwi is the trusted brand for our beautiful show boots. It always leaves your boots looking stunningly shiny and it never causes any damage. But sometimes when you are running late at the show you don’t have a lot of time to put in all that elbow grease and make your boots as beautiful as you normally do. But I have found that the Kiwi Express Shoe Shine Sponge really helps when you are in a hurry and is a good temporary solution to dirty or dull looking boots. But you have to use it with the actual shoe polish itself- only using the sponge is not so good for the leather and your boots will not last as long.


Okay you are probably thinking, WHAT? But it really works. I’m serious. If you have a gray or light coloured horse, ketchup is really great for cleaning their tails. It is something about the acid of the tomatoes mixing with the alkalinity of the dirt I believe. But anyway, it is very surprising, but effective. Yes, it does make a bit of a mess, well a huge mess actually. But it is a great trick if you are out of shampoo and did not have time to run to the tack store.