Photo via Anita's Facebook page

Photo via Anita’s Facebook page

By Anita Marchesani

I’ve been speaking with a heap of small business owners lately, working on some strategies for growing their businesses.  A lot of them are still in that “hobby” stage, and looking to take that leap into a genuine business, while some have been in business for some years.

Everyone that I have spoken to has been very good at letting me know WHAT they do, how they do it, how it all works.  Very few have been able to tell me WHY they do what they do.

You need to know your why.  The rest will come later, but everything in your business is related to your “Big Why.”

Understanding your why will help you in a number of different ways.

This one question will clarify for you the reason you are in business and not working for someone else under their rules.

It will help guide you in all your business decisions.  Knowing if the choice you are about to make aligns with your big “why” will help make that decision a whole lot easier.

Being able to articulate the why you do things, and not just the how, will be the key to building a tribe of loyal clients and customers around you.  Standing up for that you believe in, and having your business articulate what it stands for is key to gathering followers and real raving fans that will tell everyone about you.

Sure, some people will not agree with you.  Some people will not understand or appreciate your big why.  Some will even argue with you.  That’s fine.

But, as a small business, having a clear sense of identity- who you are, who you are here to help and most importantly WHY you are here to do that is the most important factor in building a sense of “brand” around your business.

Traditional branding- logo design, uniforms, colours etc- is basically dead money.  Being able to articulate your why in a way that is clear, that inspires, that makes people want to be with you is worth a whole heap more.

So my number one tip if you are in start up mode, or fairly new to developing your business, is to go back, take a quiet half hour or so and really work out WHY you are here.  What is important to you in what you do, in how you are helping people and their horses.  Why should anyone care about your business?  Write it down, and pin it up in your office and start taking steps to incorporate your why into your marketing, your stories, and you every day business practices.

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