The internet is a great resource for equestrians, providing immediate information for common equine questions that we’re too embarrassed to ask a friend or trainer, like, “Signs my mare is planning my demise” and “What is renvers and am I saying it right?”

But occasionally, when the mood strikes, Horse Junkies might have the time/energy/interest in using the internet for non-horsey endeavors. (FYI – there is a LOT on the internet besides the COTH forums and CANTER ads.)

Think of this as a cool party trick that you keep up your sleeve for when you’re not surrounded by sweaty, horse-hair-covered like-minded people. There’s nothing more embarrassing than someone striking up a conversation with, “Hey, did you hear about that (natural disaster, Presidential election, airplane disappearance) this weekend? Crazy, huh?” And you stand there a little slack-jawed because you were watching the live feed of Upperville and have no idea what they’re talking about.

Let’s expand our horizons with these hilarious, sure-to-please social media accounts and websites, compiled by HJU bloggers, that will make you laugh in a way that startles your coworkers.

Because, yeah, it IS kind of weird when graham cracker companies tweet about LGBT issues: Brands Saying Bae

If offbeat humor is your thing: Goatface Thrilla

Lunch served on a tennis racket? We Want Plates

Messy and relatable: Women In Real Life

Could be “Sad Barn Lunch” too: Sad Desk Lunch (a classic)

No explanation necessary: Kim Jong Il Looking at Things

Proof of my theory that babies are scary and judging you: Honest Toddler

A hilarious Buzzfeed parody: Click Hole

Not totally safe for work, thanks Kim K.: Actresses Without Teeth