Dressage Sport Horse Breeding is something that I always see offered on the prizelist for a licensed show but something I’d never actually seen at the shows. With my mare sold, and my best friend’s mare sound post-injury but not yet competitive, I was out of the show scene. And then I found DSHB…

This little hidden-away facet of dressage shows is not only informative and different, but sometimes it’s downright hilarious! Most importantly, it’s the future of our sport – where future dressage horses are found and weeded out.

You’ll find us tucked away in the last 7 pages of the USEF Dressage Rules. While small in the book, we hold classes just like any other dressage division and championships and GAIG championships.

Our Purpose is: “To encourage the breeding of horses suitable for dressage and to provide an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of breeding programs.” (USEF DR). Our judges (which are also your judges) are looking for conformation, balance, and quality of strides in youngsters and in parents to create the next generation of dressage mounts. We offer several classes by age and gender or by breed to offer the opportunity for all to participate!

How we turnout to “show”: We present horses groomed and braided (except youngsters are optional) in traditional bridles with the option of reins or a special lead. Handlers are dressed neatly, commonly seen in polos or dress shirts with Khakis. Oh, and running shoes… really athletic running shoes. Many owners who are not comfortable showing their own will hire professional handlers to exhibit for them.

Classes Offered:

In Hand

  • Filly of Current Year
  • Yearling Filly
  • 2yo Filly
  • 3yo Filly
  • Colt of Current Year
  • Yearling Colt/Gelding
  • 2yo Colt/Gelding
  • 3yo Colt/Gelding
  • 4yo and older Maiden Mares
  • 4yo and older Broodmares (yeld)
  • 4yo and older Broodmares (with unjudged foal)
  • Suitability to Become a Broodmare
  • 4yo and older Stallions
  • Get of Sire (Group of babies with the same sire)
  • Broodmare and Foal
  • Produce of Dam
  • Sire with Get of Sire
  • Breeders Group (any three by one breeder)
  • Family Class (Three Mares of relation)
  • Dressage Sport Horse Under Saddle
  • 3yo Fillies
  • 3yo Colts/Geldings
  • 4yo and Older Mares
  • 4yo and Older Stallions/Geldings
  • Suitability to be a Dressage Horse
  • Individual Breed Classes (IBC’s) – This is where ANYONE Can participate! These classes are for any horse there for Sporthorse or for traditional tests can come stand for their breed! There’s everything from RPSI and Hanoverian to International Rescue Horse Registry and Pony classes. There’s even a Mule class at Devon!

If you don’t see your breed on the program then call in to the management and they normally will add it! Ask your registry to sponsor one!


  • 3yo Fillies
  • 3yo Colts/Geldings
  • 4&5 yo Mares
  • 4&5 yo Stallions/Geldings
  • Amateur/Jr/Yr Handler (judged primarily on the person’s ability to present)
  • Pony Championships/Classes

Join me later for Part 2 of DHSB: Lace up your Running Shoes, where we will look at what the scores are based on and how those handlers get that perfect impulsion!