So, you’re a horse owner. You love your horse and always want to do the very best for him. Sometimes that means sacrifices. Oh, the sacrifices! Here’s how it might go:

Rugby putting at a Phillip Dutton clinic

A horse I loved. Lots of sacrifices for this one, and well worth it!

If you own a horse, you have to get up to feed every morning, even if (choose one)

[it’s bitter cold and blowing snow, it’s boiling hot, you were out late last night, it’s pouring rain, it’s dark, no one else is up yet, you can’t find your barn boots and wear your good work shoes and step in — never mind]

If you own a horse, you have to pay an unexpected vet bill even if (choose one)

[your air conditioner broke during the 95 degree heatwave, your tuition payment is due, your credit card is maxed out, you need a new winter jacket, you want to go out and party on the weekend, your S.O. wants a new barbeque]

If you own a horse, you probably will love him in spite of (choose one)

[your broken arm from falling off when he stopped at a cross-country jump, your broken toe from when he stepped on you in the barn aisle, your broken nose when he hit your head biting at a fly, your broken ribs when he dumped you on top of the show jump planks, your aching back from cleaning out the shed where he has been pooping for a month instead of out in the 20 acre pasture]

If you own a horse, you wouldn’t trade him for (choose one)

[a convertible, a trip to Europe, a Jamaican vacation, a new house, a new wardrobe, college tuition, your boyfriend, any other non-horse life]

Happy Holidays from Delaware! - Holly selfie winter picture photo bombed by George, my OTTB.

Riding in the cold – just another choice!

I hope I have helped you with all of your horse choices. Do you have some you’d like to share? Then write in on the comments below or send an email to info(at) with your thoughts/your own list!