If you told me in 2011 that during the next four years, I would write a book, sell my horse and NOT get a new one, get a new puppy, walk in the Pan Am Games opening ceremonies in Toronto, be the Chef d’equipe for the Canadian Dressage Team at PAG…well…I would have LOL-ed! None of those things were thought of, or planned for – sometimes things just happen!  And many of them WAAAAY outside my comfort zone.

In 2011 I started blogging for HJU – an exciting new adventure to develop some writing skills so that I could potentially write a book or something.  And you know what? I did! Not exactly the epic, best selling novel I was thinking of – it was EPIC, but not a NY Times best seller.  I also have had some big blogs! Biggest one for me at 42,000 hits – Stuff you shouldn’t say in a Lesson, and 39,000 – 20 unwritten rules and my personally favourite blog Horse Shaming – not only for Cats and Dogs.  So I can officially say I am a “writer”.

I tried polo and was able to connect with some really great people!  When I told my mom I was “going to meet some friends I met on the internet…” I realized how insane that sounded – but they are “horse people mom!”.  And they have been great!

Another very cool thing that happened was taking on the job of Chef d’Equipe for the Dressage Team for Canada at the Pan Am Games in Toronto this summer and marching in the opening ceremonies with Team Canada.  You can also read about my experiences on HJU – why not share?!  This is another thing I would never have dreamed about in 2011.

Now I have a new puppy and looking for a new horse – though I have had smaller monthly bills for the last year, my heart is saying YOU WANT A HORSE!  So, it is off on a new adventure!

Get out of your comfort zone and go try something new! –  “If you always do what you always did, then you will always get what you always got.” (Kyra Kirkland)