The horse world is a funny thing. We get so busy talking about horses that we can know a fellow rider for ages without a clue of what they do in their “day jobs.” As it turns out, our HJU bloggers are total badasses in the workplace before they clock out and head to the barn to chase their equestrian dreams. Let’s learn a bit more about them. 

You’ve all heard me reference my ‘boring’ job before, right? Well, between you and me, I don’t think what I do is boring at all.

I work for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories – we are a world class national nuclear laboratory who deliver cutting edge science and technology in the field of nuclear science. We also produce the world’s largest share of medical radioisotopes..! (See, super cool!)

I am the human resources business partner for a large client group assigned to Canada’s largest ever remediation project, situated about an hour east of Toronto, Ontario. We are responsible for managing the government’s commitment to remediate (safely clean up) historic low level radioactive waste within the surrounding municipalities. How does this fit in to horses?? Well, it doesn’t! I refer to it as my day job,which pays for my night job 🙂 That said, I love what I do, and nothing will make me better at what I do, than working for this organization.