by Christie Altamura

Horses are expensive. Lessons, vet bills, shoeing, showing, blankets, and so much more! But have you ever thought about yourself? (no) You being comfortable while riding? (pshhhh who has the time and money for that?!) That’s why I put together some budget ROOTD’s! I’ve worn all of these products and bought them multiple times so I wanted to show them to you!


Smartpak Piper plus knee patch breeches: $79.95 USA

I am sure you have heard lots about these breeches! These breeches are great quality but a great price, come in great colors, and range in many sizes. They look great on all sizes of riders! (I was optimistic buying these because I am a fairly slender rider!) They are a thicker material so if you are in between sizes I recommend sizing down.

Plain V-neck T-shirt ($2.00-$7.00)

These are great! If you buy them from a non-horsey related store you can get them for super cheap (forever 21, target, etc.). They are super lightweight and comfortable and great for warmer ride! Since it is winter time, you can also by long sleeved v-necks.

EURO Women’s Thick Wide Leather Belt ($9.00)

This belt looks exactly like the tailored sportsman belt only for a lot better price! You can buy this on amazon for $9.00! It also comes in various colors!

Baroque field boot

This is a Tuffrider product from Smartpak. I got these boots a few months ago and they broke in nicely and are holding up great. They are nothing fancy, but are durable and are a great price.

Tips and tricks for the day:

-Go on …  they have amazing steals!

-There are still Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday sales going on so look around.

-Smartpak has free shipping both ways and free returns! If you have a product you are unsure about, Smartpak is the way to go!

Have a great ride!

Christie Altamura
Eventer from CA