By Jane Pike

How is the story you are creating affecting your riding outcomes?


One of the reasons overcoming your perceived limitations can be a challenge is because we know and accept the belief systems that fuel them to be part of our identity, and as a result they become self-fulfilling prophecies. When we associate strongly with a behavior we mistakenly identify with it as part of our intrinsic makeup; for example if you identify with being an anxious person or rider, or a fearful person or rider, you might then start to articulate or present yourself as “Oh, I’m an anxious person” or “I’m a fearful rider” instead of separating your identity from the behavior. The anxious behavior, the fearful behavior is not a part of your intrinsic makeup and as a consequence we develop stories around these behaviors that we choose to step into that then play a huge role in determining our future outcomes.

Many people that I work with are very obviously stuck on a story; they’ve have identified strongly with a behavior and really taken that on board as part of their personality. I would like you to take this opportunity now to examine your own story and to see, hear and feel how you articulate yourself or present yourself in the face of challenge or obstacles to the outside world and to yourself.

Think about a change that you’ve been trying to make or a challenge that you’ve been trying to overcome and as you think about that change or challenge, I want you to take notice of the mental movie that you’re playing over in your mind.

Are you the hero of that movie? Do you see yourself seeing things through to a successful completion or are you the victim in that circumstance? And as a result of that movie, the projection that you’re playing over and over in your mind, are you seeing yourself actually failing to see things through or feeling like that challenge is going to be particularly difficult?

What framework or identity are you viewing your challenge or circumstance from?

Often it’s our story that provides us with the roadblock more than the thing that we’re actually facing. We slip into a story or a picture of imagined projections and future outcomes, which don’t serve the outcome that we’re actually looking to create.

Now, if you’re sitting there and you’re playing your mental movie over in your mind and you’ve realized that it’s not actually the movie that you want to be playing all you have to do is change the story. Cast yourself as the hero! See yourself overcoming the challenges and the odds and fighting through. Think about your favorite movie if you like and how the heroine or the hero responds to their given circumstance and adopt some of their behaviors and belief systems. Regardless of what it is that you are facing, see yourself overcoming the odds and seeing through what it is that you’re wanting to achieve; picture the end result really clearly.

Even if, at the moment, you can’t understand, or get a grip on, or really feel what it is that you need to put in place in order to get there, the most important step that you need to do right now is to adjust your story and allow yourself to see the final result. To see the future outcome coming to fruition. And then when you know exactly where it is you want to be then you can reverse engineer the situation to put the steps in place that you need to put to get there.

Make sure that your story is really clear, that you are the hero or heroine of your own story and you’re really seeing yourself overcome the odds. And when in doubt, adjust the story to make yourself magnificent!

About the Author

Jane wants to live in a world filled with passionate and confident equestrians, winters full of indoor arenas with overhead heating, and a working culture that allows horse riders to arrive three hours late to the office with no detrimental affects.

As a qualified and successful NLP, Time Line Therapy and Equestrian mindset coach, Jane works with both competitive and recreational horse riders all over the world, inspiring them to new levels of confidence and performance. She specializes in riders with confidence and anxiety issues and peak performance training for competition.

Jane has created the Equestrian Mindset Academy, an extensive library of mindset coaching material available as a yearly membership program for riders, and also coaches one one one, both in person and via Skype.

When she is not writing new programs for My EquiCoach or coaching riders, she can be found hanging out with her family and enjoying and riding her beloved horses in Dunedin, New Zealand. You can learn more about Jane, the My EquiCoach training programs and access free tutorials by visiting

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