There are things out there that are easy to do, skydiving, tattoos, lip/personal parts piercing… so much simpler than mounting a horse from the right side.

5 months after the accident my left leg is still too weak to use to mount, but I’ll be danged if that is going to stop me any longer; this sick horse junkie has got to ride. It’s amazing how something I’ve done the same way day after day for the better part of 50 years is so ingrained in me and totally impossible to change.

I should have caught a clue when I could not figure out how to get into the shower without stepping up on my left foot but I got a shower chair … sit… slide … clean.

Then came physical therapy. Day one: I lapped around the stationary bike five times before I could figure out how to get on. I simply decided I couldn’t! So they put me on the recumbent bike … sit… swing… peddle.

It’s just crazy how our bodies just know how to do things.

In the normal state, I’m pretty sure my body mounts a horse without any thought. The hands go where they have gone time after time. My right toe tilts and slips into the stirrup all on its own. All done in split second timing, smooth as silk.

Standing a top of the mounting block looking at the horse, exhale!! “Just do it already! Stop over-thinking this.” Right hand on the cantle, left on the pommel… wait, my arms are crossed. This is going to be awhile…

Step down, exhale and think this through. Has the mane always been on the wrong side?

Next attempt. Got the right foot in the iron but the step up doesn’t feel right. Keep going… crap, what do I do with the hand on the back of the saddle? Let go… no..No..NO. That’s the hand that always hangs on tight until we settle down softly in the seat. Let go!! Let go!!! Toooooo much air time is bad for the horse’s back. Relief and surprise, the left leg is over the horse and I’ve settled in the seat softly.


OH CRAP the left foot has no clue how to pick up the iron!!!! HELP!!

It’s been five times I mounted from the right, it hasn’t gotten any better than the first and we will not discuss the dismount it’s equally ugly. Can’t do it without help. But I’m riding.