When the decision to switch horses with my son came, it came fast. (Read my previous blog The Big Switch of 2015 to catch up). I hobbled around collecting the mare’s necessary items, and six large tote bags later I was comfortable I had packed up all her necessary winter essentials.

The Big guy (my son’s horse) arrived with one bridle, one halter, one winter coat and a cooler.

The mare had a halter for every occasion and four for Christmas alone, 13 winter coats in various levels of warmth and protection, four coolers, 5 bridles, an unbelievable number of bits, most if sold could yield a nice down payment on a house. One solid tote of browbands and saddle pads in every color possible with bling and without.

My son took one look at the mare’s possessions and said “NO”, took the plainest bridle we owned, one winter coat and a cooler. Leaving me behind 6 large totes of memories. And a warning to not bling the big guy.

Well, before his rig with my mare in it hit the expressway, my credit card was working in overdrive ordering essentials… bling and all. Under the guise of Christmas coming, I bought a bright color coat with a loud pattern. A stop at the fabric store and a chunk of change later, I came home with fabrics and trims that would make scrooge sing to make new coolers, quarter sheets, Bridle bags, Stirrup bags and miscellaneous other crafty things us horse owners think our four-legged babies need.

The big guy’s head is large so fabulous halters are hard to come by, but a call to cheap tack store dot com I ordered a range of breakaway halters in all possible colors. Sewing ribbon on sides and nose band and voilà!!! A supply of festive halters were soon lining our tack locker.

Between esty and ebay there will be several new brow bands wrapped and under the tree. An extra two maybe three new bridles will be seen and a proper shoulder relief girth. Right after the holiday new saddle pads will be ordered.

Will any of this make the big guy happy? Nah!!! Will any of this make me rider better? H&^% NAH! It will make my son bat crap crazy.

And the best Christmas present ever, the big guy and my mare are home again.

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