I’m very excited to say that #maredrama and I will be competing together for the 2016 show season! There are still some details to be worked out but I look forward to seeing what the grey dragon can do in the jumper ring and maybe try our hand at baby level eventing!

This leaves me with my least favorite task ever: picking a show name. Ugh. Not only do we have to name our furry children once but our equine friends are conceded enough to need TWO special names… who thought of that anyway? I envy those horse owners that purchase horses that are all set in their multi-name fame.

My semi-retired hunter pony is named Pippin… guess what his show name was? Pippin. He has a fan base all his own around the local circuit so why not just keep it? I purchased him from some horse dealers in PA that get their herd from places like New Holland and Camelot where he came with the name Fritzi (insert gagging reflex). I know, I know. Horse people get all freaky when you change a pony/horse’s barn name because probably the same genius that said horses need two names said it was bad luck to change the barn name. I can tell you, I’ve changed many a barn name and all said pony/horse have turned out just fine!

Then there are the people that just look at their horse and say: My horse’s barn name is ______ and his/her show name is _______. Boom. Done. Why is this so difficult for me?! For example, my friend bought her first horse last year and he came with the name Romeo (again, insert gagging reflex, sorry to all the Romeos out there, just too cliché for me). The next day she called me and said, I’m calling him Joey and I want to show him under the name Joseph Eli, what do you think? What did I think? It was perfect you horse naming champion. Another friend has a VERY expressive Quarab gelding and we were laughing at his facial expressions last year when I said out loud (if you haven’t caught on, my filter likes to take seriously long vacations) he’s got serious resting b**** face. From that day on, he has been known as RBF Blaze.

Enter #maredrama. Her barn name is Chipper- don’t get me started on that one- and if you have read my first blog post (read it here) you caught on she is very opinionated beast but is loving her new job in life learning to be a jumper. A bunch of friends have said I should use “Hashtag MareDrama” as her show name but for some reason, it’s just not giving me all the feelings. I showed her under the name “Regina George” last year and really like that but a lot of people won’t get the reference.

Seriously, am I just over thinking this way too much? Good thing I have until our first show at the end of February to make my final choice! How do you all go about naming your equine kids? Any pointers?