A few weeks ago, we ran a blog that was my homage to comedian, Jeff Foxworthy, and his You Might Be a Redneck” routine.  If you haven’t heard it, Jeff lists circumstances where if certain things happened, then the person in question might be a redneck.  My personal favorite is, “If you’ve ever cut your grass and found a car, you might be a redneck.”

Following the original blog, I received a good deal of input from readers, and discovered some more in various horse publications.  Candidly, I’m embarrassed that I didn’t come up with some of these, because I have certainly committed them.

So, from our readers, you might be a horse person if:

You eat an apple in the car, and instead of pitching the core out the window, you put it in your cup holder because ‘someone’ will love that later.  (courtesy of Horse Collaborative — we have a rider at our barn who saves all her apple cores and brings them to her weekly lesson)

Your horses have more color coordinated outfits than you do.  (Sue F.)

There is never too high a price for a show shirt.  (Sue F.)

You go into 2-point position when driving over speed bumps.  (Dorothy K. and Grace S.)

You consider selling your jewelry to pay vet bills.  (Lisa S.)

Your horse gets a massage every month but you can’t remember the last time you had one for yourself.  (Lisa S.)

The most expensive outfits in your closet are your show clothes.  (Lisa S.)

You buy your dog a coat that matches your horse’s turnout.  (Lisa S. — but yes, I’ve done this)

You have written letters to the T.J. Maxx marketing department urging them to carry riding clothes in their stores.  (Lisa S.)

You can spot a fellow equestrian by their ability to back large vehicles into seemingly small parking spaces.  (Laura K-M)

You’re on a first name basis with the staff at Home Depot for all the things you need but can’t get at the tack store (like tarps to protect your blankets from the rain).  (Bob v.)

Finding hay and/or shavings in your hair and clothes is a routine occurrence.  (Samantha C.)

You hold most things without using your pinky finger.  (Samantha C.)

You buy painter’s overalls at the hardware store just to keep the hair off your clothes when you body clip your horse.  (Michelle D.)

You drive down the interstate, see a green bucket in the media strip, and immediately think “Strongid!”  (Michelle D.)

You regularly use the razor and hammer on your car emergency tool to open bags of shavings and set up your stall at horse shows.  (Michelle D.)

You have to turn down weekend entertainment because you blew your budget on a new bridle.  (Malin F.)

You anticipate your horse spooking from a weird noise, only to realize you’re in your office, and nowhere near your horse.  (Malin F.)

You wear your fuzzy winter breeches and paddock boots to WalMart, and you don’t care that you have both horse snot and poultice on your jacket.  (Holly)

You wear your fuzzy winter breeches on your couch all day because they’re just as good as sweatpants.  (Nicole S.)

You keep at least three wardrobe changes in the back seat of your car (riding, work, and last week’s riding clothes).  Oh, and you keep a barn coat, rubber boots, and winter boots in the trunk.  (Laurie P.)

You give friends a ride in your car.  They ask, “What is that smell?”  And you tell them, “Just roll down the window.”  (Megan I.)

Your trunk is covered in pine needles from having picked up as many Christmas trees as possible off the side of the road for jump fillers.  (Sarah W.)

You get stopped by TSA at the airport because you packed your multi-tool in your carry-on.  (Sarah W.)

You find bits of hay, horse treats, and braiding bands in every pocket of every jacket and sweatshirt you own, even if you’ve never worn them to the barn.  (Megan I. and Sarah W.)

You pull money out of your pocket to pay at a store, and accidentally hand the cashier horse cookies instead of quarters.  (Sarah W.)

You cluck at the golf cart.  (Michelle D.)

Thanks for the giggles!  This sport keeps us all humble.  It’s good that we can laugh at ourselves.