As many of you are aware, the East Coast got socked with some pretty nasty winter weather Friday and Saturday. Where I live in central North Carolina, we saw very little snow accumulation but have several nice layers of ice hidden below the pretty white façade. I am originally from Western New York so I generally laugh in the face of the southern winter weather but let me tell you, ice is nothing to mess around with.

In other words, fun in the snow horsey stuff is completely out of the question and practice rides for #maredrama’s show have been put on hold.

I’m one of those people that will work 50-60hrs per week because I need to finish something and then turn around and do it again the following week. I was able to work from home on Friday (icy road conditions left everyone stranded at their houses) and after refilling hay nets around lunch, I sat back down in front of my laptop to work just a little while longer.

Well, my darling and very vocal cat named Wilson had had enough of me sitting in front of a computer screen. He wanted, nay, DEMANDED my attention. According to him, Mom was home for an ENTIRE day and there was no way we weren’t hanging out together. I quickly finished what I was working on, shut off the machine, ate some lunch, and snuggled up with my oversized kitten.

I shot out of a deep slumber over an hour later. Wilson was snuggled up at my feet and very lazily rolled over giving me that look like, what’s your problem? I am not a nap taker, never really have been. So when I nap for over an hour that means I probably REALLY needed it.


Say what you will about animals having that 6th sense about illness and such but I can say Wilson always knows when to lay smack on top of me and make me take a break from life for a little while. I know a lot of us will say our equine friends can do the same thing, especially when we are upset or stressed and they let us snuggle into their manes and curry to our hearts content.

Thank you, Wilson, for reminding me to slow down and relax every once in a while; especially when you are stranded at home due to winter weather. Things can almost always wait until Monday when you are back at the office, lateral work to prep for our CT in February and practicing that grid will just have to wait until the rings thaw out some. It’s ok.

Three cheers for my furry therapists!