While stranded at my house from the lovely ice storm, not only did I spend quality time with my retired pony, my cat, and my favorite wine glass, but I also was able to really sit down and hash out my show plans for 2016. Well, I should say, I wrote all the shows on my calendar that I was interested in attending and/or volunteering at for 2016!

When you have a green bean like #Maredrama, I find myself stuck with the decision of bouncing around different show circuits and trying different class lists or picking one local circuit and chasing points all season. Consistency at one venue is generally a good idea for greenies however, I am not quite sure where #Maredrama might fit in. She certainly fits the ‘green horse’ category because this will be her first full show season but can jump (and seems happier at) 2’6”. She’s definitely not ready for the rated circuit (nor is my bank account) so those classes/shows are out of the question but they would fit her ‘green horse status’ much better as they demand a higher caliber out of the greenies.

Then, I have to factor in my adult amateur friends that travel with me to shows. Two of them are pure jumpers, the other has a green hunter pony that doesn’t understand what ‘fast’ means, and I have the opinionated grey dragon that doesn’t like to align herself with any discipline quite yet. Some local show series offer both hunters and jumpers on the same day, which is great however the class list doesn’t always fit what everyone is looking for and can make for a VERY long show day. Then there are several new show series sprouting up that are a closer drive but are in direct competition with the other venues that we have enjoyed showing with in the past.

As I sit back and look at my show calendar, I count my lucky stars that I have so many options! I remember, growing up, there were a few local circuits you could chase points on or, you were travelling over an hour to participate discipline specific shows (I was an active member of the local dressage and CT association at the time). I currently have numerous options all within 30-60mins of where I live! This includes the wonderful North Carolina State Fair grounds that holds shows almost every weekend. You can bet our first overnight trip to the fair grounds should be E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G to say the least!

Basically, as the show season progresses and I figure out what venue best suits #Maredrama, we will see what fits in the budget for the month and utilize as much PTO as I can muster to have a safe, effective, and FUN show season with my green bean mare!

The snow and ice are almost gone and I have the next couple weeks planned out for training rides. Strap on your big girl panties #Maredrama, no looking back now! Our first combined test is mid-February!