Yesterday, I rode better.

I was perfect. I kept my leg on. I was soft with my hands.

My balance was just right. I never felt out of place. My horse was always right there under me where he should be.

I saw my distances. I got the strides in the lines. I stayed off his back. I landed in control.

I was straight. I had the right pace and the right amount of energy that I created in my horse. Everything felt good. I could jump from anywhere and make it right.

That was yesterday.

Today – it’s a new day and new way. The whole achievement of yesterday is now done and gone. Time to restart.

Find the balance. Create the energy. Get the strides. All over again.

It’s always a new riding day. Nothing from yesterday carries over. You have to create anew. Nothing is given. Nothing is for sure. It’s always a “do-over” in riding.

Got it. Salute the day. It’s a new one.

No looking back to yesterday.