Old man Winter finally hit North Carolina and decided to stick around for a little while. With highs in the low 20s and wind chills in the low teens predicted for show day, the wonderful and thoughtful show managers postponed #Maredrama’s combined test until March 5th. I am so grateful for a show organization that does not jeopardize the health and safety of its competitors and volunteers just to make a few bucks! My toes are pleased I won’t be stuffing them into tall boots with the thickest socks I can muster the rest of the week!

I am happy to have a few more weeks to work with #Maredrama and to have the chance to schedule a horsey massage for her before the actual show. The big bummer is she has been going STELLAR all week long! Even with the blowing winds and near freezing temps (how our rings have stayed in such good shape I’ll never know), the white dragon stepped it up a notch and has been schooling beautifully on the flat and over fences. I fearfully counted the days and realize #Maredrama will probably be in heat the new horse show date. Oh well, why not add a little extra pizazz to our day!

Leading up to this weekend, I was feeling extra confident due to some compliments I received from two different people on two different days. One asked if I had gotten a new horse. I politely said, nope, this is Chipper! They look harder, recognize her pink nose and general mare attitude and could not believe how great she looks! The other said when she drove up to the farm and saw me schooling she thought I had acquired a young project to work with. Upon closer look, she realized it was her gelding’s stall neighbor! I can’t help but puff up with a little pride knowing I helped #Maredrama transform into her sexy new self.

One more thing I am extra grateful for is that I might actually be able to give #Maredrama a proper bath before the show! She looks like a cow with splotches of manure stains on her rump and legs. I was going to just do my best with warm towels and ‘Bath In a Bottle’ but now I will have the chance to really get her gleaming!

Like any horse show, the old adage “hurry up and wait” rings true, especially for trying to show in the middle of February. You put all the work in and feel prepared only to have to hold off just a little longer. You win this round Mother Nature. We’ll regroup and see you in March, more prepared than ever!