If you consider yourself a horse junkie, you’ve probably figured out by now that this sport is full of opinionated people. By nature, humans tend to believe that our own thoughts are the most correct. Occasionally, equestrians¬† make the term “opinionated” an understatement.

In this sport, you have often have many different opinions being thrown at you. Trainers, riders, vets, chiropractors, farriers, friends, acquaintances, strangers; everyone has something to say and everyone thinks the way they do things is the right way. This begs the question: What way is the right way? That’s for you to decide.

This is also something I’m learning for myself along the way. There have been many times over the years that I’ve asked multiple different professionals the same question and received multiple different answers. This can be confusing, especially when as I’ve said to my mother many times, “I just want to do the right thing”. And that’s when I realized, there isn’t a universal “right thing”, only things that one person does or many people do that work for them.

While it’s important to be a sponge and absorb valuable knowledge being shared by varying credible sources, it’s also important to be able to reflect on what you have learned and be able to form your own opinions. Takes bits and pieces from everyone. Just because one person does something a certain way does not mean you have to do it that way nor does it make it the right way. Take all of what you’ve been taught into consideration and put emphasis on the opinions of those you highly respect, but don’t forget to think for yourself. There are going to be opinions and ways of doing things that you agree with and ones that you don’t. This is a good thing, whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, take the time to research the subject.

As you continue to grow and learn as a horseperson over time, your thoughts on many subjects will change and some will remain the same but your opinion is just that, your opinion. Make sure it is well rounded and well informed.