By Lucky:

I haven’t written in a while. Been busy. Eating. Wearing blankets. Walking around. Chasing my buddy Hamish about the squishy wet field. Winter is OK. I don’t mind it. Usually I don’t have much work to do. But…..

Mom rode me at night, in the morning, in the dark, and one night in the dark she just walked me because both of us couldn’t see for the icy spots and snow mounds. But she was riding me. I felt pretty good. So when she came for me on Saturday morning, I thought good, finally a nice day for a ride. But nooooooooo. She led me to the horse trailer – uh oh.

This means a LESSON. I know what to do. I walked on, but I fooled her, and backed off before she could get the butt bar hooked. I blew out of my halter, and suddenly I was free. I ran. I saw all the other horses running. Oh my it felt wonderful. No lesson, and a nice romp about the farm. I showed off my big trot, too. Everyone was so impressed.

But Mom was not very impressed! Once she caught me, I had to go back on the trailer, dirty legs and all! And I had to go to the lesson, too! I was not happy. I tried to scare her when she mounted and started to warm me up, when the other horses went around me, I bucked and kicked, I tried to be smart. She paid no attention but made me bend and listen. Yow. Come on, Mom.

Then we jumped. And I had to jump where she said. And I really did not expect her to kick me and make me go and I tried not to in a couple places and she REALLY made me Yow. Hmmm. New Mommy I guess. I stopped being smart and started being good and I think Mommy was happy because the coach said, “That was a scrappy ride. You got it done, not pretty, but got it done.” Best advice Mom has gotten all winter, she said.

So I guess now I have to even do the jumping right. She lunged me last night and could see how my topline is much improved over the fall, and she has a new incentive to jump me in a different way – to stop being afraid of me when I am smart, and start expecting me to be good no matter what. I don’t want any yowies, so I am on board with this new way. But no guarantees on that trailer!