This has been a week of WHYs??? Too many times I’ve turned my head toward the sky, trying to not be mean or mad, but really…  REALLY!! I’d like to know why.

What rattles around up there in your all powerful heavenly head???  What purpose does this serve??

As bad as I’d like to point out others, he’s old…. she’s mean and shout ‘why this one and not that one? The hurt is so bad I couldn’t wish it on anyone else, no matter what they are like.

I’ve shed a million tears this week for two dear souls, a friend and her horse who had emergency colic surgery, then put up a huge fight for a solid week to just not be able to overcome the infection and destruction a strangulating lipoma tumor had reeked. He is heading over the rainbow bridge, leaving a huge whole in many many hearts. My friend was kind enough to have shared this horse with me when I need a serious lift, and the love I feel for him equals that of my very own boy. I had huge dreams of spending the summer doing a little more sharing.

Each morning, afternoon and evening I prayed for the two, along with the team of veterinarians. Strength and peace and wisdom and kindness.

My heart has not healed from another friend’s loss and now yet now another. Heaven better be filled with horses. As I stand here broken, searching for words to offer support and comfort, I’m coming up short, paralyzed mute. Know that I would do anything to take away the pain, those big brown eyes and soft warm muzzle will never be forgotten.

Having lost my fair share of horses, dogs, friends and family. This sad event should remind each and every one of us to stop and ask ourselves…

‘If I had to say goodbye today would I have regrets? Is there an unsung song, an undanced dance?’

In the case of my friend, they lived, loved, and rode to the fullest.

We all hope for another tomorrow but just in case I’m going to hug hard and long, spend more time to enjoy and ride, stop rushing. We really have no clue when we might have to say goodbye.