As an equestrian, I’d say I have a pretty unique set of skills. Few people can say they work in such a tight relationship with an animal, few understand the passion for this sport, and few really know what we do (I’ve described dressage to so many people as ‘ballet on horseback’ as they nod like they get it). There’s definitely a good amount of skills that we lack. How many of these apply to you?

Things Equestrians Are Not Good At:

1. Washing our clothes. How often do you wash your breeches? I can honestly say that I have worn some of my breeches four times before washing them. Do I look like I have time to do laundry frequently?

2. Smelling good. See number 1. If I don’t have time to do laundry, I probably don’t have time to run home and change before class, the grocery store, or dinner.

3. 9 to 5 behind-the-desk jobs. I know some of us have these jobs – kudos to you, because I know my active lifestyle makes sitting still hard.

4. Saving money at tack shops. If there’s a sale, that probably means I’m going to buy more because I’m saving money from the sale. I know that walking into a tack shop is probably going to make my wallet cry.

5. Limiting our time. “Yeah sure I can meet you at 5, I’ll probably only be at the barn for an hour.” Yeah, right. Somehow time passes quicker than ever while you’re at the barn, and we still misjudge when we’ll leave.

6. Talking about things other than horses. “My horse did the cutest thing today.” “Guess what happened at the barn today.” “Oh look there’s a horse over there!” Sometimes we forget not everybody is obsessed with horses like we are. We still think we’re interesting, though!

7. Posting pictures of things other than horses. See number 6. Some people post pictures of their babies growing up. We post pictures of our horses developing. What’s the difference? At least horses sleep through the night.

8. Spending money on ourselves. I remember when I started asking for horse things for Christmas – it never stopped, and now I feel like the only thing I’m ever saving for is something for my horse. Oh well, I love pampering!

9. Spending summer doing something other than showing. It just doesn’t feel right. It feels so wrong and we don’t like it.

10. Decorating our rooms with something other than ribbons. What do you mean the blue, red, and yellow tri-color ribbons aren’t the newest style at Pottery Barn or Ikea? What do you mean I look like I’m obsessed with horses? I am!