Spring is here and many of us are digging out our horse trailers and wanting to hit the road with our horses in tow. I know I’m ready to get out of the mud and find the closest dry arena! But first, it’s time to double check your trailer.

Going down the road! Photo by Holly

Going down the road! Photo by Holly

Hitch – Make sure the chains are good, the ball is secure on your towing vehicle, and all parts are in working order and greased/oiled. If anything is rusty from winter, get it working.

Tires – Check the air pressure in all the tires. in During daylight take a look at wear and fully check over for any bubbles, holes, nails, etc. and don’t forget the spare, too!

Ramp, doors, windows – Ensure all are sliding and latching properly, all hinges are working, and everything opens and shuts tightly.

Horse compartment – Double check for anything sticking out that could poke or cut your horse, fall, swing, or bang. Check your ties have the snaps free and are working. Remove any old hay or bedding.

Floors – Is the floor dry, clean, non-rusted or rotted? If not FIX now, not later! Pull up the mat and CHECK; don’t assume. Then add fresh bedding.

Lights and brakes – Double check all of the lights and brakes before loading and leaving. Do it in daylight so you can fix anything not working.

And lastly, the once over – Always make a habit of walking around your trailer and truck and running your eyes over everything – tires, lights, hookup, spare, doors, latches and windows – before pulling out of your driveway.

Just common sense spring safety reminder! Hit the road! Have fun!