Shedding season is literally upon us… our breeches…our coats, car seats, hair. There is something gratifying about a good curry, when you scrub winter’s hair away and prepare for a fresh, spring show coat. But what to do with half a horse lying in a fluffy pile on the floor? Well we have some ideas.

Knit sweaters: Let’s admit that we all secretly love our horses a wee bit more than our friends. I mean when was the last time you gave Sally a carrot and she loved you for it? Horses are much easier to manage. So share a piece of your best friend with your second best friend by knitting snazzy sweaters from the shed hair! #trendsetting #itchy

Pillows: Are your pillows getting flat and sad? Well fix ‘em with some horse hair! Put some fluff in those deflated suckers by stuffing them with shed hair. Not only will they look fuller, they’ll smell like oats, dirt, manure, and grass! #outdoorsy

Fire Starter: Camping, bonfires, and s’mores season is right around the corner. Keep bags full of the shed hair for some snappy fire starter! Who needs lighter fluid when Diego’s hair will spark in seconds?

Donate: For the do-gooders of the horse world, donate the spare hair to the animal shelter. Think of all those poor hairless dogs and cats that will appreciate authentic horse hair wigs.

Prank: Stash the hair in your friend’s shoes, pockets, or anywhere they might unsuspectingly put their hands or feet. Make sure you are around to video the moment they realize a hamster is housed in their boot!