With my own bad habits abounding, #Maredrama brings a few of her own defects to the table. Here’s my checklist for working with a new horse: conformation, attitude and known injuries.IMG_6420

Looking at conformation and lineage, she was not bred for jumping. Period. She is a reject western pleasure horse who has a glorious jog that any horse crazy kid would love to ride all day long (not so much when we are trying to medium walk mid dressage test but I digress). She’s got an ass the size of Texas that I don’t necessarily mind but it takes a while to get that motor warmed up and ready to work. She is slightly sickle and cow hocked and has a noticeably narrower base both on her foreleg and hind end.

To top it off, she’s built downhill and likes to dive into the bridle in our downward transitions- cue my aching shoulders. For some people, that would be enough to hang up the bridle and move on to another horse. I, personally, take attitude and personality into consideration (which she has in spades) and factor that in as well. She rarely says no and is always game to try something new and that, my friends, overrides her physical flaws any day.

Luckily, #Maredrama is also free of any injury (knock on wood!) so I do not have to worry about past injuries while pushing her fitness to the next level. She is brand new to the world of showing. Her previous owner was more of a pleasure12729222_10156535660595532_2835513660219355459_n rider and the mare would amplify her insecurities any time she tried to take her to a show. I know what you’re all thinking… what? Not the infamous #Maredrama… she sounds like she loves showing! The white dragon does seem to enjoy, or at least tolerate the change of venue, but it has been eight months in the making!

You know what we do have going for us? A common goal and a great working relationship that results in more good rides rather than frustrating mare days. She’s been a **mostly** pleasant puzzle to figure out and I look forward to investing in a few more schooling shows and some lessons before the big horse trials debut! I plan to work with her and push her fitness until she tells me that’s her limit. Luckily, we haven’t hit that point yet so there is much more to come from #Maredrama!

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