Like most equestrians, one of my favorite past times during show season is hitting up every single booth at the trade fairs! I love to ogle over custom, blinged out Der Dau boots, softly stroke a brand spanking new Devoucoux saddle in fear of putting a scratch on it, and picking up weird odds and ends that I CLEARLY should not be living without!

It was at one of these trade fairs that this hippy-looking chick called me over and asked if she could clean my Dublin boots for me with the product she was pitching. Umm, is that even a real question?! I enthusiastically agreed — because anyone that wants to clean my scummy boots is my new best friend — and she went to work with my new favorite product: Australian Leather Seal!

austrailian leather seal

This natural leather conditioner smells AMAZING! Something like a mix of beeswax and eucalyptus. First off, wipe down the leather that you are looking to condition — deep cleaning is great of course but if you are looking for a quick cleanup, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will do. Apply the Leather Seal to the boot/saddle/equestrian item of choice with a soft cloth or massage in with your hands. BONUS: Your hands come away with that fresh-from-the-spa-soft feeling!

The conditioner not only makes your leather uber soft, it WATERPROOFS TOO! After hippy chick finished cleaning one boot she grabbed my water and squirted a bunch on and it beaded and rolled right off! I was already sold on it by that point but the waterproofing was the icing on the cake. I now use Leather Seal on all my leather paraphernalia, including my saddle. It does not leave a nasty, sticky residue like some conditioners do and does not make the leather slick. My equipment soaks it up and I never feel like I’m wasting any of it.

Australian Leather Seal sells for $20 per 100g (think a tin a bit bigger than size of a tin of boot polish) or two for $30 and can also be purchased in bigger tubs. I’ve had the same tin over a year now and I’m just beginning to panic that I’m starting to get low. A little definitely goes a long way!

Downside: this product is only produced in Australia so if you order directly off their site you are paying for transcontinental shipping. All the more reason to really scour the trade fairs to find one of the dealers that sells it stateside!