A foal shower!? Why not?! We had a fantastic time celebrating the future eventer being born to my 4-H co-leader. As two full-time school teachers and also leaders in 4-h, Katie and I do not have children of our own; we just teach everyone else’s.

Our darling kids aged 6-16 put together a surprise foal shower for Katie and her mare Dublin at the barn. Dublin is a Thoroughbred (Registered: Castlefire) who was in foal to RPSI stallion Goldmaker. Our club has used this breeding and pregnancy as a teaching point for our knowledge team kids with everything from vet visits on AI to coat color genetics probabilities.

Our foal shower was an awesome experience. We decorated the stalls and horses, cooked out and showered moms with gifts! So what does one buy for a foal shower? It’s a fair question! You are shopping for three different people so you have so many options.


Foal: blankets, lead ropes, halters, fly masks etc.
*Tip: Buy things not just in Foal size but in Weanling and Yearling so the baby has things to grow into*

Horse Mom: treats, toys, anything horse themed that it’s humans could use (fly spray, lead ropes etc.)

Human Mom: Foal watch snacks, celebratory snacks & drinks, etc. *Great for that non-horse person in your family wanting to participate*

What really knocked my socks off was the HUGE foaling first aid kit put together by our Senior Horse Knowledge and Judging team. These girls bought everything the internet says you could need to deliver a foal. It was so helpful, resourceful and a huge example of their knowledge they’ve gained this season. This was a great group gift by our five kids.

I would suggest doing this somewhere in the last 4-6 months of pregnancy. I waited till a bit later and it was very hard to keep Katie off the trail of buying anything for the baby till the party. (This was a surprise party.)

*PostScript* We are so happy to welcome our little buckskin COLT into the world! Momma gave us a fast and on time delivery with no issues! Now if his human mom could pick a name…