So, you have just purchased a trailer and you are staring at the empty tack room trying to decide how to organize all the stuff that you think you will need while on the road. As you start to put pen to paper with all the items that you want to have available, you realize, “Holy cow, going on the road with a horse is like packing for a baby!” Yes, you will pack everything but the kitchen sink. Or you have had your trailer for years and it has become a hoarder’s paradise with things tossed here and there; you have to tread carefully or the towers of stuff will topple over and crush you.

20160424_120417I started weighing my options for storage and realized that there was not a lot of cash left over after the purchase of the trailer. I needed cheaper options than what you would see in tack catalogs, especially for the stuff that I didn’t necessarily need to unload upon arrival at the show. There is always the ’emergency stash’ of stuff that lives in the trailer – extra lead ropes, extension cords, bungees, spare spurs and spur straps, trash bags, first aid supplies, the trailer’s registration paperwork, and other random items.

As I wandered through the home organization sections of Walmart and Target, I happened upon a three-drawer cart for the whopping price of $11.00. It had wheels, but those were easily removed.  The three-drawer storage unit sits right inside the tack room door for easy access and has more than enough room for all the extras that I take on the road. You might worry that the drawers would slide open during your journey, but the only time they have was when we had to brake quickly to avoid ramming the idiot who pulled out in front of us.  Even then, nothing came out of the drawers.

20160424_121722Since you are already in the home organization section, head down the aisle with the Command™ brand products and pick up a couple packs of the larger hooks.

They adhere well to the inside of the tack room door and do a great job holding your helmet(s), bridle, and other loose items that you need to easily access at a show. The nice thing about these products is that they can be removed and repositioned without damaging the trailer door. Thus far, they have stayed in place as have the items hanging on them. Fingers are crossed that they do well through the heat of the summer.

Happy shopping!