By Marni Morton

I am not a rider, nor is my husband. Somehow we are 100% in the equestrian world. We’ve been completely engulfed into the wold of horses…and there is no getting out! (And it’s magnificent!!!!)

Never having expected to own a horse or even expected to hang out at a barn; we now own 3 horses! How did that happen? Our 13-year-old son and event rider Kyle Morton has his goals and mind set on the 2024 Olympics- and we’re all in!

It’s been an interesting 5 years. Beginning with the first day we entered the schooling barn in our local area, and I thought for sure our son would say “no way, mom” to the suggestion of riding a horse. But, to my surprise he jumped on the idea! Within 6 months we were leasing a pony, and within the year we were looking for a pony to purchase. (To my husband’s shock!) At the age of 9, Kyle started going to shows locally and did everything he could to better himself as a horseman. He rode 5 to 6 days a week, and took every lesson he could from any instructor he could get time with. He was addicted…and well- so were we!!!

We went from traveling and enjoying a more quiet life, thinking we’d be “soccer” parents at some point. To focusing on buying horse gear, clothing, tall boots, helmets & HORSES! Then of course came horse trailers! How do you get to a show or clinic without your own trailer? Hmm, where do you begin to say “oh my”! This was becoming a big commitment for us all!

Now 5 years later, we own 3 horses (for one kid/rider). We’ve been through 3 horse trailers moving up from a 2 horse bumper pull, to a 2 +1, and now to a living quarters horse trailer so we can attend shows even further away. Making full weekends out of events!

I never expected to be living my summer life in a trailer…never mind at horse shows! Hot dogs…here I come! Yum!

My husband and I have learned so much about the love of this sport. The amazing people who make up the volunteers, riders, barn owners, horse owners & coaches etc., who build this incredible community for this outstanding sport.

Kyle - photo by Marni MortonWe have met so many exceptional people! And what amazes us each time we take Kyle to a show is that among us are various riders of all levels of ability from beginners to 4* riders – all in one venue. Kids and adults alike learning to event at Pre-Entry and Entry all the way up to and including 3 & 4 star riders all standing side by side on the fence line, cheering one another on!

No one is out of reach, no one is unapproachable. Everyone is kind, generous and welcoming. The kids and adults learning the sport are clearly inspired by all the greatness that sounds them at each and every show.

Even my husband and I are inspired by what we see and experience in the world of equestrian sport and eventing. I’m proud to say I’m a mom of an Equestrian!

My husband and I have grown over these years to love this sport and the people who make up this incredible world. Thank you to everyone who helps us to learn a little more each and every day. Thank you to our incredible coach, who continues to inspire us and Kyle to reach for the stars! That’s you, Michele Mueller! (Olympian 2012) We all need to thank our coaches.

We are so lucky to be a part of this special sport. Looking forward to the years ahead!