Ingate - show jumper - photo by Heels Down MediaDo you ever struggle to learn your course? Do you find yourself carrying around a notebook or staring at that picture you took of the course map? Well, we’re here to tell you to ditch the notebook and stop the unnecessary stress. There’s now an app for that! The Jump Off App helps you learn your course so you can focus on riding to the best of your ability and leaving the jumps up while you’re in the ring.

Started by horse husband Ali Fathali, the Jump Off App is designed to give riders a way to use their phones to learn their course. “It was cold evening at a local horse show, my wife was competing that night in the Jumpers. She was getting ready to start schooling and was standing by the area where they post the courses, she had snapped a photo of a course and was tracing her finger around her phone, memorizing the course. I noticed what she was doing, and looked around and there was about 5 other riders doing the same thing.” From there, an idea was born. “I work in software development, specifically training applications and games. So this naturally triggered a progression in my head, and I believe I had the basic idea of the application solved that night.”

According to Ali, most of his inspiration came from watching riders at horse shows and what they did to learn their course. He also took note of how riders take direction from their trainer, where they go to study their course, and how they prepare for competition day. He also noticed that between horse shows his wife and her friends would study old courses to help improve their memorization skills.

When it came to making an app, Ali was very prepared for the task to help equestrians all over the world improve how they memorize courses. “I work in software development; specifically mobile application development and gaming. I also do a ton of 3D animation development for VR and Oculus Goggles. I’m a software geek. I like building things.  My wife is the equestrian in the family, she started riding when she was a kid. I simply tag along to horse shows and get to ride the golf carts. Her and her friends are my “Equestrian Thought Leaders” I lean on them for most of my input.”

Currently, the Jump Off App is available for free at the Apple Store or on Google Play. Eventually, there will be an additional version of the app called Jump Off Pro. Jump Off Pro will offer an assortment of robust features that are not available in the free version. Jump Off Pro will offer the ability to edit jump numbers and build combinations, edit courses after they have been saved, the ability to save more than five courses, oxer and water jump options, 3D visualizations, and improved support for larger iPads and tablets. Jump Off Pro will launch mid-summer. In September there will be the “Jump Off Memorizer” part of the app which gives users a fun way to socially compete against each other while memorizing their courses.

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