We are a big mixed bag of disciplines here at Horse Junkies — we have dressage enthusiasts, hunter riders, eventers and more. We all love to talk about what we and our horse’s wear during rides, so a few of us are going to go through our schooling and competition wardrobes.

I’m an eventer, so I have a LOT of stuff.  But my life is pretty crazy, so I like to keep things as simple as I can.

The Basics & Underpinnings

The stuff I wear all the time…

  • Helmet — Tipperary Sportage helmet.  Gotta mind your melon!
  • Hairnet — Real Women Ride!  They make auburn and gray hairnets for my red headed daughter and me
  • Bra — Champion Double Dry Distance Underwire Sports Bra to keep the girls under control
  • Socks — Noble Equine Best Dang Boot Socks (thicker) or Noble Outfitters Over the Calf Peddies (thinner)
  • Sunscreen — Neutrogena Sport SPF 70.  Available in spray for my arms, and a stick or cream for my face that won’t drop.  With a fair complexion, it’s a must!

Summer Schooling

My point when schooling is to be neat, un-fussy, comfortable, and workmanlike.  But I want to look good enough so that if George Morris suddenly showed up at my barn, I wouldn’t have a problem.

  • Shirt — Ariat Sunstopper long-sleeved polo, or Ariat Prix short-sleeved polo.  Typically white to reflect the summer sun, but I’ve been known to go for the marine blue, navy, or even the polka dot quarter zip.
  • Belt — anything fun!  FITS Triple Threat (multiple colors), Tory Leather Company Snaffle Bit (it’s blue!)
  • Breeches — FITS with the deerskin patches (full seat for dressage, knee patch for jumping).  The deerskin is super sticky which is great for dressage, but you definitely want to go back to the knee patch for jumping or you’ll just stick to the saddle.  Remember, NO fabric softener and line dry only when you wash these.
  • Paddock boots — Ariat Performer Pro VX
  • Half chaps — Ariat Monaco (my favorite suede half chaps were recently discontinued)
  • Gloves — Tredstep Eventer Gloves

Dressage Showing

My color preference when showing dressage is black and white, with silver-colored metals (not brass) — crisp, classic, and unobtrusive.  I want to judge to look at my horse, not me!  Also, I keep these clothes pristinely clean and carefully stored.  They get washed the second we get back from a show, and packed from the dryer straight back into my garment bag.

  • Shirt — Alberto Albanese Aurora long-sleeved shirt (white)
  • Jacket — Cavallo Washable Dressage Coat (black)
  • Belt — Ovation Sparkle Fun, Ovation Filigree Embroidered (silver and black), Equine Couture Bling
  • Breeches — FITS with the full seat deerskin patches (white)
  • Tall boots — Ariat Monaco stretch (black)
  • Gloves — Tredstep Eventer gloves (black)
  • Whip — Fleck Superflex dressage whip
  • Spurs — Herm Sprenger leather spur strap

Cross Country & Show Jumping

My color preference here is to add just a little bit of orange. It’s the national color of Holland, and since both my horse and my last name are Dutch, it only seemed appropriate. Plus, it’s relatively easy for people to spot me while I’m out on the cross country course.

  • Medical armband — Road ID Wrist ID Elite with an orange wristband
  • Body protector — Kanteq body protector
  • Shirt — Ariat long-sleeved or short sleeved polo
  • Belt — Tory Leather Company stirrup buckle belt in black
  • Breeches — FITS with the deerskin knee patches
  • Tall boots — Ariat Monaco stretch
  • Helmet cover — orange!  What else?

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