I’ve always been a fan of mares. I was the scrappy kid that trainers could “put on anything and she’ll just hang on” and I never turned down a free practice ride no matter the steed waiting for me at the mounting block. Needless to say, I’ve rode my fair share of pocket rocket mares that despite my sore legs and sometimes dirt in my britches, absolutely adored and learned the most from them.

My real love for mares started with a sassy little lady at my undergrad alma mater named Lucy. She was my trainer’s personal horse, could jump the moon, but only if she wanted to, and was one of the most talented horses I’ve ever swung my leg over. I lessoned on and rode Lucy often, taking her to clinics and on semi-harrowing trail rides, depending on her mood for the day. I knew after I graduated that at some point, I wanted a horse like Lucy in my life.

Enter the #MareDrama. You may have read our story of how she came into my life and I think it is safe to say she has embedded herself into my equestrian goals for the foreseeable future. Once we get our shoe situation all figured out- she’s going through a phase where none of her shoes are good enough so she takes it upon herself to remove them so our BFF farrier can come try a different pair on her princess hooves- we’ll be back at it working toward a fall horse trials.

#MareDrama doesn’t hide her feelings like some mares do. She let’s you know EXACTLY how she feels about something, for better or for worse, and you are just literally/figuratively along for the ride. She’s very honest with things she doesn’t understand, but we have an efficient working relationship that allows for me to bumble and make a mistake here and there and the white dragon will say “No worries, I got you on this one!” I like a horse that can think on their feet during times of human error and she certainly has saved my butt more than once, despite her relative greenness in the world of jumping over things.

I still can’t catch her in the field unless I have about an hour to devote chasing her up and down the hill, BUT once in the barn and under saddle, I know I have made a forever partner for my current equestrian goals. Here’s to my #MareCrush!