By Martyn Hathaway

Wow! The response from my first attempt at a blog was amazing! I guess there’s a few other poor Horse Husbands out there. Well you’re not alone, hopefully we can help each other cope with these crazy horse ladies!

So I’ve got to admit I struggled to think of what to write next…where do I start?! The car? The wardrobe? The fact it’s 9 o’clock and I’m just about to start tea? No, I guess I should start at the beginning…meeting (my wife) Sam and the family.

I started talking to Sam online and soon managed to get her to agree to going for a drink. We struck it off straight away and ended up chatting till we got kicked out the pub. Great start! A couple of dates in and Sam thought it was a good idea to spring a surprise meal with her sister, Kelly, on me. Not a problem! I even got introduced to the parents early on. Easy!

However, it took 6 months till we were at the stage that I was allowed to meet the horses!! 6 months!! I’ve managed to identify 2 possible reasons for this, either she didn’t think I’d handle them very well (understandable) or she was hiding the extent of the equine infestation for as long as possible so I didn’t run away!! I’m going to tell myself it’s the latter.

The first few visits were to go feed the three monsters in the evening. Now looking back I can see my naivety. It only took 10 minutes to refill the water, put a new net in and give them the bucket. A quick pat on the neck and we were away! How does that take them all day? OK, riding would take a bit longer, another hour, hour and a half at most surely! Yes I know you’re laughing at me. I am now much wiser!

When I finally got upgraded from casual visitor to official wheelbarrow pusher and water bucket filler, a big step in the relationship, I had a bit of a shock. We were there for HOURS! To this day I’m still not entirely sure what takes the time. Now, I know what you’re going to say…we talk about football all day. I like to talk football as much as anyone, BUT I literally saw day turn to night while listening to Sam talking to people about horses, old ponies, competitions, wagons and other things that I’m pretty sure they were making it up just to see if I was listening! I was…politely nodding and smiling whilst attempting to work out what a numnah might be! I feel my understanding of the horsey world has significantly improved, but if you talk to me about horses, please talk slowly and loudly, I’m not yet fluent!

To be honest, every now and then I don’t mind having an evening at the horses, as long as it’s summer, warm, there is no football on and I’m not at work too early in the morning. It’s not too bad. I’m yet to be convinced going in the freezing rain in the middle of winter is beneficial to my well being!! If you’ve just started dating a horsey girl, lift with your legs…water buckets can be heavy. Just think about it as a free workout with the added bonus of getting some brownie points along the way. Veteran horse husband? I take my hat off to you; you must be a patient man!

Till next time,

Martyn, AKA The Horse Husband

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