As an amateur eventer, I’m lucky to have the resources to continue to stay competitive despite my busy work schedule and half-hearted attempt at having a life. Beyond that, I am lucky to own an upper level event horse and an up-and-coming event horse, both who I have produced, and continue to produce myself. Unfortunately, two horses means double the time required to get anything done, which does not always mesh well with the adult amateur lifestyle of praying you have enough time to ride each day. I have always prided myself on doing as much work as I can on my own for my horses.

This means, when their coats start to get shaggy, I have two horses to clip. My older horse is a pro at being low maintenance and great to work with. The younger one, well, he’s very special and is easily frightened of many things, especially clippers. Having had to deal with sedating him to accomplish anything to do with clipping, we embraced the scruffy look for most of our show season, that is, until we found what may be the quietest pair of working clippers ever, the Wahl KM10 clippers. While my young horse is still hesitant about the feel of being clipped, no longer do we need sedation for body clipping or trimming up his excessive facial/ear hair

With over 10,000 hours of life in the motor of the KM10 clippers, I don’t have to worry about my new investment holding up to the difficult life of caring for theEvoMagento-KM10_Berry_large

clipping needs of two horses. It’s also exceptionally light weight, so my arm doesn’t go numb halfway through a body clip anymore. To help with acclimating my young horse
to the scary clipper noises, I make full use of the two speeds that the Wahl KM10 clippers offer. The lower speed is excellent for starting off with my tense, fussy, young horse who is still convinced I might be out to murder him with this strange, pink noise making machine. The higher speed is perfect for a quick touch-up or working your way through a body clip.

My favorite thing about these clippers is that they don’t get hot as quickly as other clippers I’ve used. While I’ve gone on and on about my particular young horse, I have forgotten to mention the other princess in my life, my other spoiled horse. While he is fairly uncaring, his pet peeve is warm clipper blades. Even the slightest increase in warmth will provoke a warning kick that means it is time for a break, some lubricant for the blades, and that I need to me more aware of his sensitive skin.

The blades are easy to replace and the chord for the Wahl KM10 clippers is a wonderful length for working with your horse in any location. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about these clippers, except maybe that I wish they came in royal blue so I could take my color coordination game up another level.