I’ve had an unfortunate bout of what I’ve started calling “blogger’s block.” Normally people can’t pay me to stop writing or talking. But the last few weeks I’ve been lacking in anything to say. So I figured I’d write a little update on Walle the Belflinger.

Of course it’s been hot as Hades here in NJ the last few weeks, so riding has been a near impossibility. Walle and I did accomplish our first dressage show in July which went FAR better than I anticipated (I know, I know… I just blogged about NOT needing to show at any point in my life).

Post trailer exit, my oversized pony was looking at everything like it was the entrance to the seventh circle of hell. But after a few minutes he actually settled down and handled everything like a pro. This was his first show and our second time off property in a year, so I truly couldn’t have asked for him to be any better.

We rode two tests, Intro A & B in front of a very kind judge. Apparently she likes drafty crosses because her comment included “Quality horse with nice gaits,” which I couldn’t help but laugh at…In the best way possible, of course. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my pony more than I love cheese. But he’s a bit of a franken-horse. I have no issues with calling a spade a spade.)

So our tests went great, he still has some issues with steering and is appalled at the concept of accepting contact, but he pushed through and was a total champ in a strange environment. We received a 64.8 on Intro A and a 68.7 on Intro B.

I’m thrilled with how he’s been coming along. We had a long year off while he was injured and then when I was injured, so we had all the time in the world to get to know each other on a level other than just horse and rider. I’m a chronic worrier and nervous nelly….so having a horse like him is priceless. He proves time and time again that regardless of how worried I am, he is relatively steady and predictable. The worst (so far) that’s ever happened was our first time off property on a trail a man and his very large mastiff were walking towards us. The mastiff growled and Walle turned tail and BOOKED it back down the trail. He stopped after a little bit of reasoning. And I can’t even blame him for that spook.

We have another show this week, so again we’ll be doing our Intro tests and we’ll see what kind of scores we get. It’s been a ridiculous heat wave since our first show so I have to admit that we haven’t gotten in the ride time that I would have liked….But we’ll go and we’ll have fun, because ultimately that’s what matters in the long run.

Slow and steady may not always win the race, even though that’s the saying. But it usually ends up turning out far better in the long run.