As the owner of an upper level event horse who has an affinity for getting injured, I am no stranger to cold therapy. Over the years I have taken the cheap route (lunch box ice packs under polo wraps, anyone else?) and I have also indulged in other methods that seemed a worthy cause. The Ice Horse Hock Wraps were one of my indulgences. Due to a lackluster immune system, we had to make the difficult decision to take my horse off of joint injections. This means that the efforts for his daily maintenance have increased. This means that icing is an essential for us after many of our harder rides.

The Ice Horse Hock Wraps have been a god send to us. When it comes to cold therapy, I do a little bit of everything. Pouring ice in a clean muck tub for his front legs, wrapping ice packets to various body parts, hours spent with the hose cold hosing some bump; we’ve done it all. The Ice Horse Hock Wraps simplify that process.

For the Ice Horse Hock Wraps, the ice packets each have two strips of Velcro on them, thus allowing them to easily stick onto the hock wrap. From there, the anatomically correct wrap easily wraps around my horse’s hock, with additional Velcro on the wrapFullSizeRender-1 itself easily keeping it in place. The ice packets have proved to be very durable and the Velcro on them has stayed strong, which was one of my major concerns about this product.

After every gallop, jump school, and epic dressage school I pull the ice packets out of the barn bridge, smack them on the wrap, and place it securely around my horse’s hocks to provide him some extra relief. This relief is extra invaluable as ending his yearly hock injections were one of the tough decisions we had to make this year.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the Ice Horse Hock Wraps. They stay secure, even when I abandon my horse in his stall to his own devices (shhh…don’t tell!) and they provide him the old therapy and relief he needs to stay sound. The ice packets have proved to be durable and the wraps themselves are made with the horse in mind.

Realistically, my only complaint about this product would be that my horse show budget does not always accommodate for hotels that have a fridge. That being said, I have put the ice wraps in a cooler full of ice on cross country day and have received adequate results for how cold/frozen the ice packets get from that.

I give the Ice Horse Hock Wraps an A+! They have definitely made these hard decisions less difficult and have helped my horse stay comfortable and sound!

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