Staying cool in the summer heat can be exceedingly difficult. Thankfully, as a horse owner, there are ways we can make our furry friends more comfortable. ECOGOLD has taken it upon themselves to give riders another way to help make their horses comfortable during the excruciating summer heat. The CoolFit Saddle Pad comes in four styles (hunter, jumper, cross country, and dressage) and offers unprecedented cooling relief for horses. The ECOGOLD CoolFit saddle pad is capable of decreasing the temperature of the saddle pad by nine degrees Fahrenheit.

While nine degrees may seem like a small amount, it can make a huge difference to our horses. The CoolFit saddle pad also has to traditional sweat-wicking, non-slip, and impact absorbing properties as all Ecogold saddle pads have. Personally, I’ve drank the cool aid and am a part of the ECOGOLD cult. On hot days or at horse shows my horses won’t go in any other saddle or half pad. I am completely convicned that ECOGOLD provides the highest quality saddle pads that provide everything my horses could need.

As an adult amateur equestrian, it’s safe to say that I treat my ECOGOLD saddle pads like they’re my fine jewelry. Which, realistically, they are, my horse just gets to wear it instead of myself. After every couple of rides I run them through the wash, to help them stay a gleaming white. The CoolFit saddle pads also provide open cell foam within them to provide additional impact support.

Though I also own an ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad, I do not use it with my CoolFit saddle pads. Personally, I find the CoolFit saddle pads provide enough support I do not need my flip half pad as well. That being said, my saddle is also custom fit for my upper level horse, and my young horse is a very similar fit.

I have used the CoolFit pads on the hottest and mildest days we have had thus far this summer. My overwhelming responsive to every type of weather and riding is that these pads are AMAZING! The open cell foam provides my horses with the iact
relief they need to stay comfortable. The intelligent cooling properties of the CoolFit saddle pad helps my horses stay cool no matter the elements they are facing. Having used this pad on the hottest day of the year, I can’t imagine what it would have been
like riding in anything else!Image 20

Most saddle pads I have to peel off my horses as they’re dripping with sweat and dirt remnants. The ECOGOLD CoolFit saddle pads help wick away sweat and decrease the theaqaaaa heat from the saddle pad that my horse would normally experience. While that may seem like a minor adjustment, after riding in the CoolFit saddle pad and
using normal saddle pads on the hot days at home, I can attest to the difference they make in my horses’s comfort during the summer.

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