Life Hack to avoid the pain of breaking in new boots

Life Hack to avoid the pain of breaking in new boots

We have all experienced the pain of new boots!  The sore ankles, blisters and bloody backs of the knees.  I think some of us have permanent scars on the backs of the knees……  So when mole skin or bandaids don’t cut it,  try sponges.

Cheap make-up sponges from the dollar store, tuck them in your socks or behind your knees.  They stay stuck to the skin, don’t rub and work like a hot dam! If the skin is already broken, cover it with a bandaid and put the sponge on top to avoid the sponge sticking to your dressage boot war wound.

Other boot tips:

1. Wear knee high stockings inside your boots.  They slip in and out easier and stop your calves from getting stuck to the inside of your boots.

2. Spray show sheen in your boots – extra sliding action combined with the knee highs.

3. Keep your boot zippers clean to avoid breakage or splitting – and when they split use black electricians tape in a pinch to hold them on – avoid duct tape because the sticking glue part is a bugger to get off leather.

4. Get the cheap stick on shoe grip stickers for the bottom of your leather boots – they will grip better to your stirrup irons than the leather sole.  You can also get rubber soles put on by a shoe maker – not expensive – which makes them grippy and saves your soles.