Spoga Horse is an international equestrian trade fair based in Cologne, Germany. Equestrian exhibitors, retailers, distributors, and industry buyers attend from all around the world to purchase the latest collections that can be expected to hit the shelves in spring/summer 2017.

Horse Junkies United hit the road, well, plane, to travel to Cologne to see what Spoga Horse was all about, and we were not disappointed! With two floors of exhibitors and hundreds of booths, everywhere you turned there was a new and exciting equestrian product. From compression socks to show coats, new apps to riding boots with changeable detailing, we saw it all.

Here are our 10 favorite things from Spoga horse:

1. C4 Thelwell belt.

Your favorite childhood cartoon is here and now available as part of your favorite belt. C4 debuted their new Thelwell belt collection at Spoga Horse. This collection will debut later this fall and it is worth the wait.

2. Cambox Isi2 Helmet Cam. Would you love a helmet cam but don’t want to wear something bulky on your helmet? Cambox solves that problem with its small but high quality camera that goes right underneath your helmet visor. Worn by riders like Doug Payne and Michael Jung, this tiny but mighty camera is perfect for recording all your rides.

3. Wahl Shampoo

With names like “Dirty Beastie” and “Diamond White” it’s impossible not to love this new collection of Wahl Shampoo. Perfect for every color of horse and suitable for those with even the most sensitive skin, this shampoo is the new must have for the on point equestrian who is sick of boring shampoo bottles but also wants something that smells and works great.

4. Cavalliera. Cutting edge European fashions that are available in North America. From show shirts to jackets, Cavalliera brings the power and elegance of femininity to competitors around the world with their unique lace, technical fabrics, and slim fit attire.

5. Equisense. Ever wish you could track all aspects of your ride? There’s an app for that! Equisense has a sensor that attaches to your girth and tracks every step of your ride, literally. From footfalls to jumps, measuring cadence and your horse’s balance, this technology helps you measure your horse’s fitness, soundness, and allows you to optimize your rides.

6. Kask Helmets. Sick of your helmet slipping forward when you jump? Kask helmets are designed to keep your helmet in place no matter where your ride takes you. Bonus: You can get them in black, navy, or brown, as well as with an assortment of crystal, sparkle, and flag options. Take your fashionista skills to the next level and know your head is well-protected!

7. Roeckl Solar Gloves. Glove tans are the worst, but they’ve become something that many equestrians have come to accept. These solar gloves from Roeckl allow the sun to evenly shine through the top of your glove, ridding the dreaded glove tan without sacrificing the durability needed from your favorite pair of gloves.

8. Kastel Denmark

Kastel Denmark is known for their comfortable technical fabrics available in assortment of colors. Now they have added an extra special splash of color to their shirts with flag heart decals for the UK and Sweden, with the plans to add more over time. For those that want some extra bling, they also have the option to buy shirts with the Kastel Denmark Logo in rhinestones on the back, which is perfect for the rider that wants some subtle extra bling.

9, Back on Track Mesh Sheet in Navy. Your favorite therapeutic blanket is back and in navy! Originally only available in black, the Back on Track mesh now boasts a new color with the same great quality and technology.

10. Holland Animal Care’s Shaving Fork. Broken pitchfork got you down? What about one where you could drive over it with your car and it’ll still stay in one piece? Yep, it exists! As the owner of many broken pitchforks, we fell in love with this durable and useful product!