BIG news in the life of #Maredrama!

Monumental according to her cries of OBVIOUS excitement!

We’ve moved barns AND I got an amazing new job! Woohoo!

Upon being offered a barn job working at a year round camp for kids with special needs, I quickly realized that driving 45+ minutes at the end of a long, sweaty day to see the white dragon just wasn’t going to cut it. I loved the boarding facility I was at. It was busy but low key and CHEAP. The #Maredrama lived there about eight out of her ten years of life so she knew the property like the bottom of her feed bucket. The barn manager is super sweet and I could always call on him to ask some asinine request about my horse’s care. Several of my friends boarded there. With the days getting shorter and no lighted arena, I knew I would lose out on valuable training time if the #Maredrama did not live closer to me.

The grand search for a new barn began early August and ended shortly thereafter with our move date of September 1. A horse contact of mine that I ran into frequently around the local show venues had stalls available at the barn she managed a mere fifteen minutes from my house and 25 minutes from the new job. A lot of the boarders there have eventing goals and travel to many of the shows that I was interested in attending. It was the perfect fit for me right now!

The #Maredrama gave me very little trailer loading drama despite not traveling for about five months and arrived with much vocal gusto. She has a hunky new neighbor that apparently used to run Prelim so hopefully he will pass some of his secrets on to her. We had a solid week and half of excitement under saddle but she has since settled beautifully and is back to her old self. Our BFF farrier came out and we have shiny new sneakers back on our hooves so she is back in full training!

I have a hard time with disappointing people. Moving #Maredrama from her long-time home and friends was tough and I will definitely miss them. I realize that if I ever want to progress and reach my goals I know I needed to make the change. The new job is incredible and super flexible so I will have plenty of saddle time with the white beast in the coming winter months. Change is scary but I think this will be the best choice I have made for both myself and my horse. Now for dragon boot camp, fall festivities, and hunter paces! Bring it on!