By Sophia Sardegna

Hardest Working Rider Contest Entry #1

When I think of the hardest working rider I think of Amy Wallace! She has been my best friend for the longest time and a person I’m so happy to have as a friend because she is so special. Amy has always loved horses and I don’t think she could live without them. She does her best every time she rides to improve and become a stronger rider. Her love for her horse is crazy. She goes to the barn at insane hours just to see him and spend time with him when she’s not riding. She does not own him but cares for him as if he was hers.

Things have not always been easy for her, her parents were separated and her mother was diagnosed with cancer. For her the barn and riding was a place to feel comfortable from the world outside. There have also been people along the way who didn’t believe in her or tried to bring her down but this only pushed her to get better and become the things they said she could never be. She started posting videos and photos of her riding to social media being proud of what she has accomplished, not being ashamed and humiliated by mean commets. She has inspired me and others to do the same and to feel comfortable about our riding despite what others might think.

Amy has also had some financial issues when it comes to riding because let’s be real, horses are expensive! This girl has done so much and worked so hard to keep riding that I don’t know how she does it. She works at a barn to earn extra free rides or lessons, plus a job, plus balancing school on top of that with good grades. I cannot count the times this girl has helped me with my confidence and there is one thing I will always remember her telling me “if you can ride with no stirrups, you can handle a few haters!”

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