When I was a very young child, I will never forget my mother taking my sister and I to downtown Seattle to see the Lipizzan stallions on tour. I do not remember if this was the actual ones, or a commercial show, or the details, but I do remember being there early and standing in line and getting a chance to pet one of the white stallions that they brought out onto the street for pictures.

Oh such things make your life whole, and you talk about it forever! So here’s my advice. Fall is usually a great time for many big shows in the equine world. We have the Washington DC International; the Fair Hill International Three-Day Event; Dressage at Devon; and many more, dressage, jumpers, eventing – the list goes on.

Nearly every fall weekend is a large equestrian event that depends upon paid spectators for at least part of their operating revenue. In order to keep the horse dream alive for generations to come, consider taking your barn, friends, family or club to a spectator show this autumn.

It’s great fun, you’ll make memories – you know a lot already about horses so you’ll really enjoy the performances from a good knowledge base. But if you’re new and just enjoying breathing in the same air as wonderful horses, then just make good memories, watch, and enjoy.

Make the drive, take the trip, buy the tickets, pack the picnic and wear the walking shoes – and of course bring your cell phone fully charged so you can take pictures and video to share. Support the big fall championships. They need you!

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