A week at the State Fair of Virginia has ended and another year of hundreds of thousands of non-horse people flooding the gates and coming to teach me all about my horses. This year I participated in several shows across the ten days, from stock shows to driving, and 4-H fun shows. While I rotated four horses in and out of the fair for students, my constant companion was Samuel, my miniature who was there five days for showing.

While a 10×12 stall is practically a field for a mini, I was desperate to get him some walking time and attempted peace (didn’t happen). As his stall became a viewing spot where folks all looked in, and some even took the personal liberty to enter my stall without permission to see him (!). Walking him was not a break as everyone wanted to pet a horse who is as beautiful as my boy. I mean who isn’t a sucker for a loud pinto with blue eyes that’s 32″ tall??

All these onlookers have educated me about my horse more than I’ve ever known. Here are ten facts Samuel did not know about himself… brought to you by the State Fair visitors.

1. Blue eyes = blind horse.

Got that multiple times… Can he see? Is he blind? Apparently, blue eyes mean blind. I can promise you he never misses a trashcan, sewer grate or other thing to see…

2. He’s part draft horse… because he has a big head.

Yep, you got it. He’s part draft horse at 32″ tall… that’s why he has a big head… or he could just be a stock type gelding with a nice jaw…

3. Clearly, he’s an Icelandic horse because of his color.

Wears a sweater too… just like on Facebook.

4. His roached mane is not because of clippers but because that’s all that grows.

We should add more biotin… or marvel at the beauty and wonder of a self-pulling mane.

5. Ten is really only a few months old in human years… clearly, he’s a baby.

NO, he’s not a baby. Yes, he’s full grown. I know the horse next to him is a baby and 3x his size. Yes, that one gets bigger

6. Horses have to have rubber boots to walk around the fair pavement.

Excuse me while I go find his Nikes.

7. Performance classes are only judged on cuteness factors … it’s why we win.

Or we win because he did a good job.

8. He’s completely broke to drive… please put your kid right on his back.

Why is an unsaddled horse an open invitation to pick your kid up and attempt to sit him on my horse?? Ever??

9. Minis are easy to keep! Just some dog kibble in your backyard.

Nothing fulfills a working athlete’s protein needs quite like kibble and yard grass…

10. “All ponies have a price…” Samuel was propositioned for $400, $1,000, and $2,000 all to buy him based on looks, not even his talent.

This one’s completely directed at the sketchy people at the other side of the 150 stall barn who kept creep stalking my horse and his stall and his classes and soliciting my husband and I about selling my horse based on his color. What exactly are you going to do with a pretty pony???