Red, orange and yellow leaves, sweater weather and pumpkin spice…everyone’s favourite season is officially here. The arrival of the cooler weather has brought fall fashion and fall trends are extra fun to play around with when you’re an equestrian. If you like to wear cute riding clothes and love fall weather, here is your fall trend alert for this season before most of us turn into marshmallows when winter arrives:

Trend #1: Merlot

Merlot is one of this season’s “it” colours. It is everywhere. One of my favourite merlot pieces this fall is Asmar’s classic merino wool sweater.

Trend #2: Vests

Now this is not a new trend, but every fall, equestrians are eager to break out our vests because well, we love them. Old Navy, Ariat, Asmar, Lululemon (a favourite of mine) and most other brands have many vests to choose from this time of year, you can find a cute and warm vest for any price point and style preference this season.

Trend #3: Two Tone Breeches

This is also not a brand new trend, but it is one that is growingly rapidly in popularity and is definitely one of the best looks for fall. Tailored Sportsman and Le Fash NY both sells two-tone breeches (the patch is a different colour than the pants for those that are not familiar) that will make you fall in love. LFNY’s Central Park City Breech is the perfect forest green breech with tan patches and Tailored Sportsman’s Boysenberry breech is a fall favourite, now available with tan patches! Elation has also recently come out with rust/tan and navy/tan breeches that are cost friendly.

So there you have it! Three fall “must-haves” if you enjoy equestrian fashion. Neutral colours (cream, navy, grey, hunter green, etc) in all forms are always perfect for the season as well as knit sweaters and scarves (because who doesn’t like to be warm too?). Happy shopping, horse junkies!

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