Is learning your course a constant struggle? Stop pointing in the air and ditch the notebook, Jump Off has you covered. Started by horse husband, Ali Fathali, the Jump Off App is designed to allow riders to use their phones to learn their course. Ali’s inspiration came from watching his wife and other riders at horse shows trying to learn their courses. He took note of what they did, how they took direction from their trainer, and the methods they used to optimize their memorization skills. Thanks to his wife and her friends, he also learned that many riders who struggle with nerves or memorization like to study old courses to improve their skills in and out of the ring.

jump-off-pro-courseOriginally debuting as a limited free version, the Jump Off App is now available in their pro version for $3.99. Jump Off Pro allows for riders to edit jump numbers, build your course up with multiple combinations, and edit courses after they’ve been saved.

The app offers advanced cropping, so you can make almost any sized image work for learning your course and has offered improved support and function for larger phones and tablets. Jump Off Pro also allows for riders to choose their jump types: from oxers, verticals, and water jumps. Why does the type of jump matter? Because now Jump Off Pro offers 3D visualizations! Not only does the app help you memorize your course and take it everywhere you go, it helps you visualize your ride with its onboard 3D visualizer.

“The visualizer option allows for a rider to see the course as they would ride it, and is designed to give the rider a fully immersive experience,” said Ali. The 3D visualizer gives the rider play and stop controls, which gives them the ability to pause action and resume as they wish. Jump Off Pro also brings 360° view technology to the table with the 3D visualizer, giving the user the ability to simulate turning their head to spot the jumps while they digitally ride their course.

Learning how to memorize your course is a skill that comes with time. Time is valuable though, and memorizing courses can be stressful and can require more time than many have available. If you took a look at my record, for USEF and USEA, it is clear I have had my fair share of “oops” moments where I forgot my course along the way and make an incorrect guess while in the ring. Jump Off Pro user Stephanie Romans is been a long time advocate of the app and had this to say, “This app is fantastic! Everyone takes pictures of the posted courses at the shows so they can walk away and continue reviewing the course on their phone. This app takes that process to a whole new level. I can’t believe someone didn’t come up with it sooner! The creators of this app took a great concept and put it to practical use. I recommend this app to anyone who competes and especially for those who have trouble remembering their courses.”

jump-off-pro-visualizeWhile the new features for Jump Off Pro already go above and beyond, Ali doesn’t plan to stop there with his app. As indoor season is about to begin, they’re putting the finishing touches on a brand new facility and plan to upload new ring environments for the 3D visualizer. Additionally, they plan on making different style jumps available and the ability to purchase jump packages based on the types of jumps you may encounter on a regular basis. The ability to choose your horse’s color and braids vs no braids will also become available in Jump Off Pro.

Focusing before your ride is an essential part of learning the course. The Jump Off Pro allows for equestrians to take a moment, breathe, and prepare themselves to make sure they know their course. Whether you struggle with nerves, have a terrible memory, are a technology connoisseur, are just curious, or want the simplicity of having your course in your pocket, the Jump Off Pro app is worth every penny. With incredible customer support, continuously updated features, and the ability to not only work on your course memorization, but to have the opportunity to save your favorite or most difficult courses to be able to work on at home, Jump Off Pro goes above and beyond to help simplify the life of equestrians around the world.

Jump Off Pro is available for $3.99 through the Apple Store and on Google Play. For more information, visit