Being an adult amateur is all about the little victories. For those days where you finally nail that perfect (Ok, maybe more like above average) shoulder in, finally have a sound horse, or even make it out to the barn after busy week. The shows where you earn your medal, win the class, or even are thrilled to be out there competing, it’s about those big and small victories. Take that feeling and imagine sharing it with a community that not only understands, but is there with you in celebrating those victories and understanding the pitfalls of being an amateur equestrian.

Welcome to what being a Horse Junkies United blogger feels like.

Not only do our bloggers share their triumphs, heartaches, oops, and “I hope no one saw that” moments, but we cultivate lasting friendships, help coordinate super cool meet-ups, and bring together a loving family connected by horses. Plus, your Facebook friends will thank you for not having to pretend to understand that they know what lame means or why a $1 ribbon is such a big deal.

At Horse Junkies United, we are currently looking for new bloggers to join our tribe. If you enjoy writing about your horse and want to connect with fellow amateurs around the world, this opportunity is for you.

How to join?

Please send us an email info(at) telling us a bit about yourself, why you want to become a HJU blogger and attach a first article with at least 1 photo – make sure you have the rights to publish the photo and let us know who took it.

Come join our family as a Horse Junkies United blogger.