By Megan Tatum

Hardest Working Rider Contest Entry #3

When it comes to a choice on who to “nominate” for “hardest working rider” my choice is simple. Angie Domenique Pfeiffer of “Pfeiffer Riding Stables” located on the Eastern Shore Of Virginia. We are a small community and Angie has managed to do so much for low income children, special needs, and even adults!

Everything she does is out of her heart and she will not ask for anything in return. Angie Pfeiffer has started the non profit “Pfeiffer Christian Equine Outreach” program just this year and is working on changing lives for the better in and out of riding.

Angie Pfeiffer has been training and teaching professionally for over 20 years, and has worked all over the United States for countless farms and programs. Her extensive experience with many breeds has allowed her to successfully show on local, regional and national levels, and at multiple breed shows. She uses her own style of Effective Natural Horsemanship to produce a well adjusted, respectful and loving Equine. She has held Judges cards in Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois. She has instructed at State Level 4-H Horse Camps, and given public demonstrations at breed shows and agricultural events. She specializes in problem animals, and helping people overcome their fears. Angie loves bringing horses and people together.

Angie has trained many breeds including: Quarter Horses, Paints, Morgans, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Warm Bloods, Mustangs, Mules, Tennessee Walkers, Racking Horses, Paso Finos, Icelandics, Missouri Fox Trotters, Kentucky Mountain Horses, Bashkir curlies, Haflingers, Morabs, Lippizzaners, Chincoteague ponies, Shetland ponies, Mini horses, and many more!

What really makes her stand out is her willingness to work with fearful riders to gain back their confidence. Which is how I first met her, after I was having problems with my mare. Angie helped me and would not accept any funds for doing it.

Though even such a good hearted woman can have a bit of ill luck. In 2011 her prized mule “Little John” was struck and killed by a car once night after a group of deer went though the fence, tearing it down. That death struck her hard, but it never broke her spirit, even when she wanted to continue lessons.

Why I think she is the most “hardest working rider” is because she will not quit until a job is done. She could be exhausted from a day at a horse show but the next day be willing to haul horses for people, help train, or go to a clinic. I have seen this woman haul a 28 year old stallion 4 hours to a new home only to turn around and pick him back up when it was not working out.  She always does good by horses as well as people!

Sitting back in awe at what this woman has done for our local community. I and everyone else are extremely lucky to have her here.

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