Being a female equestrian comes with many opportunities for suspension in more than just your equine partner. The “girls” as we sometimes affectionately refer to them also get bounced around during a ride. Finding the right support is crucial and sometimes, impossible.

The options include bras that tend to remind me of Victorian era corsets that smush and squish and restrict beyond recognition; others that leave the girls free to bounce at will while touting “support”. So, when I had the opportunity to review this new invention – the Būband – I had to laugh, initially, at the name… BOOBand… haha, get it? I initially thought it was a sports bra and was a little surprised to see that you are supposed to wear it with your regular sports bra.

I was excited when my band arrived. I eagerly removed it from its packaging – in front of my husband – who exclaimed, “What is that? A blindfold?” I have to admit – pulling it out of its “Athletic band” labeled packaging made me feel a little like I was secretly ordered the next issue of the “Gray” series. Anyway, I examined the band. It had the look and feel of a regular bra… nice weight and the familiar hook and latch to cinch it closed. It looked durable. Not industrial, but strong.

I tried it on over my t-shirt… Hmm… It felt awkward, but as I jumped up and down to test it in a very informal manner… Yep, they definitely stayed put. Of course I felt odd with the support pushing down and holding the girls in… did it feel weird? Yes. Did I think I would be able to ride in it? I wasn’t sold. At my middle age – I was thinking that I might be beyond support and that the band actually flattened things out where I really am trying to ‘lift’ things up!

Time to take it for a test bounce.

After hopping on my horse with the Būband in place. I noticed a bit of discomfort under my arms, maybe restriction was a better term. After all it is a compression device so it should feel like that. I thought perhaps it was just a placement issue, but I followed the instructions on the website (they’re good by the way) and knew it was in the right place. I spent the next 35 minutes trotting trying to pay attention to how it made me feel. How much free movement did it give me? It stayed in place. The girls stayed in place and I’d say it would work for many ladies. I think the band might need to be a bit wider (it’s about three inches) for those more well-endowed than I am. I’m also not sure that, with the proper fitting sports bra, we should need a supplemental support piece.

My Closing Thoughts

Overall, I can’t say that I’m a fan of the Būband. I can see how it would help runners or those who are in aerobic exercise. As an equestrian, however, I found it wasn’t really comfortable. Did it hold them down? Yes, it did, so ultimately it is effective. Do I think there are other options that may be more applicable for me? I do. For now, I’ll keep my girls in their normal environment and hope that the Būband finds its place – other disciplines/exercises have rated it highly. Maybe it’s just not for me.

Pros: The online guide is great to make sure you’re wearing it correctly. The sizing is good and it’s fairly easy to put on.

Cons: By design, it is a supplement not a solution so if you’re looking for one piece of undergarment, this isn’t it. It feels awkward. Unlike a bra, the hook/eye portion is inset about ½” leaving a bit of fabric to bulge.