By Eliza Goldberg

Hardest Working Rider Contest Entry #4

I can’t even put into words how hardworking Emma Lomangino is and how much she deserves this but I’ll try.

Emma Lomangino embodies the word dedicated. Ever since she was a tiny child she has been working hours in a barn daily in order to earn lessons and work off board for her horses. Emma is known around Millbrook, NY as an extremely dedicated and talented rider, and has catch ridden over a dozen horses aside from riding and competing her own three. Currently, Emma works for Stephen Blauner at his farm in Millbrook, NY.
Emma spends her entire day riding all of the horses, tending to each of their medical needs, and making sure the farm is tidy. Even when she doesn’t have to be, Emma is there, making sure everything’s running smoothly. And that is just who Emma is. Nothing will stop her from making sure she can do anything she can to get to the top.
Last winter Emma worked for Doug Payne in Aiken as a working student, where she gained lots of new insight into the sport of eventing and what it’s like to run an upper level program. When Emma’s horse Impy, owned by Stephen Blauner, mysteriously fell extremely ill, he had to stay in Pennsylvania for an entire month. At least once a week Emma would make the four and a half hour drive there and then the same trip back in the same day just to visit him and give him carrots. No one told Emma to make the trip, she just did, because that’s just who she is. Even when Emma injured her foot so badly she could barely walk, even when Emma’s back hurts so much she relies on icy hot patches to be able to move, she is riding. I have never seen someone power through the pain as much as Emma does.
Whenever I try to convince Emma to take a trip with me to spectate at a horse show, she always declines to stay longer than one night. “I have to be back in the barn then,” she’ll say. The barn is an integral part of her life. She literally cannot bare to miss out on taking care of her horses. Emma is constantly watching other riders and reading in order to further her learning in the sport of eventing and rider overall.
There is no one else I know that could even compare to Emma as far as hardworking goes. Emma so greatly deserves this recognition. I know Emma will make it to the top of our sport, and there is no one who deserves it more.

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