Winter is coming. Not to get all Game of Thrones here, but we’ve already had our first snow in Michigan. Sure, it didn’t stick and was only a few flakes, but winter is coming. Sound the alarms, the horses are fluffy and needing to be clipped and the weather has more mood swings than a chestnut mare. Every year my horses shred at least one of their winter blankets and I’m left with the decision of which blanket to add to my lineup. Michigan winters are no joke, so I need blankets for cool weather with some rain, mild winter, and eternal hell has frozen over winters. This means, I really need a great selection of blankets to choose from so my horses are comfortable.

This winter I was in search of the perfect medium blanket, not too light, not too heavy, and extremely durable. The Kensington Platinum Collection 1680D 180G Medium Weight Blanket was the porridge in the middle, just right. Upon first impression, I was shocked at the high quality of the fabrics when I pulled the blanket out of the bag. First test complete. Now to see if it fits as good as it looks. Thanks to the unique, Surefit cut from Kensington, it was a perfect fit for my horse. The Surefit cut is a hybrid of the traditional and european cuts, offering the best of both worlds, as it is form fitting while offering total freedom of movement and maintaining the warmth that horses need to stay comfortable in colder climates, which is perfect for my location and horses.

Quality and fit down, now time to see how my horse actually likes this blanket. So far my horse has worn this blanket in cool nice days, downpours, and for our first sprinkling of snow. Through it all, my horse, Donnie, stayed warm, comfortable, and has yet to come close to shredding it. It’s hard for a blanket to thrill me, as Donnie has trashed some of the nicest name brand blankets on the market in a matter of weeks. So for me to try a new brand and have it look as good as new after its first month is unprecedented.

Now that it’s proven to be worth its merit, let’s talk statistics. The outside of the blanket is coated with Lami-Cell and Teflon, making it waterproof and offering wind protection for the horse, which has been what helps the blanket look as good as new. The Surefit cut has also helped improve the waterproof and warmth of the blanket as it impacts the way the blanket lays on my horse, allowing for the CoolPlus lining system to wick moisture away while circulating Donnie’s body heat throughout the inside of the blanket. Add on a detachable belly-band and this blanket is my new favorite winter necessity.

I am curious to see how this blanket lasts throughout the winter, but I have high hopes with how strong of a start we are off to. The Kensington Platinum Collection 1680D 180G Medium Weight Blanket is made very well, allows my horse all the movement (and then some) that he could want (read: there’s a lot of aerial movements happening) and helps keep him warm. As a worried horse mother, that helps give me peace of mind as we head into my least favorite time of year.

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