‘Tis the season for furry horses and having to decide between spending hours with them in a cooler or hours with a pair of clippers. Due to a very fluffy horse and extended competition season, I was left in the position of having to clip my horse sooner than I had anticipated. Picture this: the busiest work week ever and not only having to make sure my horse is fit and ready for his event, but also that he’s not a wooly mammoth. Oh, the joys of being an adult amateur.

I grabbed my Wahl KM10 clippers, hoping that with no spare blades they would be up to the challenge of a full body clip. Typically my boy goes through two blades during a body clip, as his coat is very coarse and keeping him clean is nearly impossible, especially at our barn at home. Due to my busy schedule, I had only anticipated on doing part of him. My plan was if I clipped for a half hour each day I should have him clipped in time before leaving for the event later that week.

So I began my clip. Now, there might be a science that professional clippers use when clipping, but I prefer to just pick a section of body to start with and get it done, unless I’m doing a partial clip. I started with his rump, knowing that the hair there would be more difficult (dirty) to clip and if I was going to have a dull blade issue, it would give me more time to fix the problem and try to snag new blades later in the week, and that it would leave some of the easier parts of his body for me to do later as well.

Man, these clippers were speedy. In about 10 minutes I had his entire rump done on one side. I thought about just leaving it for the day, after all, I had a lot of work to do. However, clipping sounded more fun than work, and I was thrilled with how seamlessly these clippers were getting the job done. Next thing I know, I’m a little over a half-hour in and I had half a horse done. For some of you, that might be standard, but for me, this was a record! Plus, my clippers had yet to get hot.

With half a horse done, it seemed silly not to continue on to the other side. Time flew by and next thing I knew, I had clipped my horse all in one session. My blade had not dulled, even with all its summer use prior to this body clip, and I barely had to take any breaks due to the blades being too warm. Color me impressed, I now have a new favorite pairs of clippers.

I made some touch-ups over the week, but my Wahl KM10 clippers had done the impossible: they allowed me to do a full body clip in a little over an hour without getting dull or making me want to scream.

From one amateur to another, I highly recommend the Wahl KM10 clippers. They’re delicate enough for a nose or ear trim, but beefy enough to tackle a full body clip without breaking a sweat.